Networking Monday

Today I attended my Monday morning meetup. Every Monday I wake up early to drive across town for this meeting. You may ask why? The answer is the value and friendship. The value for me is I get to sit down and talk to other entrepreneurs without someone trying to sell me something. We talk about issues of business and owning a business. If we exchange cards it is because we have something to offer that person.


Today we discussed when do you stop with the what if’s and move ahead. It was a good discussion. I talked about not really thinking about what if I just dived right in five years ago. But I’m paying for that now. I got encouragement because I am seeking help with my business through a mentor program called SCORE. I’m not giving up.

This group makes me think and I draw strength to continue. I stretch myself each meeting to grow and come out of my comfort zone. Well I got a lot to do so until tomorrow.


Blogathon 2014

#networking #blogathon 2014


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